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Coaching Award Introduced at Dreamcrest
Port Perry, ON, Canada
Ian Roberts and Napalm
Ian Roberts, head of Event Coaching for Canada, has introduced a Coach's Award for events at Dreamcrest this year.

This award will be presented to the coach who accompanies his/her riders to each Dreamcrest event in 2010 and accumulates the most and highest placings with their students at each competition (details to be determined). Ian operates Dreamcrest Farm with Kelly Plitz in Port Perry, Ontario.

Dreamcrest 2010 events include a horse trials on July 11 and the Ontario Horse Trials Championships on the Labour Day weekend.

Ian plans that this will be an ongoing award and also hopes to sponsor a year-end award to be presented to the top coach at the awards for Ontario in 2011.

Coaches must be certified Equine Canada coaches and listed on the published coaches' list to be eligible.

Ian hopes that this award will encourage more coaches to become certified with EC and give coaches more opportunity to be recognized for their contribution to the sport of eventing.

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