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Recall of Veterinary Drug Longisil Expanded
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Health Canada is advising veterinarians, livestock producers and pet owners that Vétoquinol N.-A. has voluntarily expanded the December 2009 recall of the prescription veterinary drug Longisil (DIN 00461679) to include one new lot, due to an unusually high number of reports of allergic reactions in animals treated with this lot.

Products affected by the new recall include

Longisil, Lot # 0083 (0083-01) - 100 ml vial,
Longisil, Lot # 0083 (0083-02) - 250 ml vial, and
Longisil, Lot # 0083 (0083-03) - 500 ml vial.
Products affected by the December 30, 2009 recall

Longisil, Lot # 9224 (9224-01) - 100 ml vial,
Longisil, Lot # 9224 (9224-02) - 250 ml vial, and
Longisil, Lot # 9224 (9224-03) - 500 ml vial.

Longisil is a form of penicillin that is administered by injection and used to treat various infections. While mainly used to treat large animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs and horses, this drug is also sometimes used in cats and dogs.

Longisil is available only by prescription from a veterinarian. It is distributed in Canada by Vétoquinol N.-A. Inc.

Livestock producers and pet owners whose animals are being treated with Longisil should contact their veterinarian immediately if they notice any symptoms of an allergic reaction following use of this drug. Symptoms of an allergic reaction range from mild to serious and can include skin rashes, swelling, and difficulty breathing and/or swallowing.

Health Canada encourages veterinarians to report any adverse events involving Longisil to Vétoquinol N.-A. by calling 1-800-363-1700. They can also be reported directly to Health Canada toll free at 1-877-838-7322, by fax at (613) 947-1125 or by mail at the following address:

Pharmacovigilance Unit, Veterinary Drugs Directorate
Health Canada
Ground Floor, Suite 14
11 Holland Avenue, Holland Cross Complex
Ottawa, ON A.L. 3000A
K1A 0K9

Consumers requiring more information about this advisory can contact Health Canada's public enquiries line at (613) 957-2991, or toll free at 1-866-225-0709.

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