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Phillip Dutton Appointed President of PRO
West Grove, PA, USA
Phillip Dutton
The Professional Riders Organization recently announced that Phillip Dutton has been appointed President of the Board of Directors following founding board member Craig Thompson's decision to step down as president. In a letter to the Board of Directors and Riders Advisory Board, Craig cited his desire to focus his time and energy on his family and evolving business interests. He will continue to serve on the board as a member of the Executive Committee.

"Craig's leadership and vision has been integral part of the foundation of the Professional Riders Organization. He has contributed an enormous amount of time and energy to PRO and we wish him and Sarah all the best as they focus on their family and their new business interests" said Samantha Lendl, Executive Director.

Phillip Dutton, a fellow founding board member of PRO, is well known in the sport of Eventing for his long list of professional accomplishments, devotion to the sport and mentorship of young riders:

"It's really exciting to be a part of PRO and appointed as its president. I'm looking forward to working alongside all our members in accomplishing PRO's goals, and working with the organizing bodies of our sport to achieve greater recognition for Eventing. I would like to thank Craig Thompson for his vision and work in getting riders and Eventing fans together in the development of PRO."

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