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Germany's Kai Ruder Takes The Lead After Dressage At Badminton
Badminton, UK
by Kathy Culpin
Kai Ruder and Le Prince Des Bois
German rider Kai Ruder leads with the French Selle Francais stallion Le Prince Des Bois on a score of 33.8. He had the advantage of going in warm sunshine this morning after the first break and the horse was able to show off his beautiful paces. Kai believes he will take all the direct routes tomorrow. He's been around Burghley with the horse in 2009 when he finished in 10th place.

Ruth Edge holds on to the second place and escaped the rain this afternoon which came down in torrents. At the press conference this evening Ruth mentioned that she thought the going would be perfect tomorrow as it's supposed to stop raining tonight. Ruth is in 29h place with her second horse.

Kristina Cook on her Hong Kong Bronze Medal horse, Miner's Frolic lies in third place, she believes the course is a big traditional Badminton course and that the early riders will be smiling with their first horses. She's pleased to be on a thoroughbred and the going, if it holds, will suit Miner's Frolic whom she hunted as a young horse.

In the early morning sunshine James Robinson and his veteran horse, Comanche, whom he has owned since he was four years old set the day off to a great start with an excellent test, his personal best with the horse to score a 43.5 nudging him into sixth place.

Zara Phillips, faced the usual barrage of photographers and busy stands to ride the Glenbrook studs the lovely moving horse looked tense at times and though Zara rode an accurate test the horse didn't look easy and finished on what must be a disappointing score for her of 59.5 putting her in 61st place.

This afternoon in the worst of the rain Mary King on her lovely homebred mare, King's Temptress put in a traditionally accurate King test to score 49.5 and is tied in 29th place with Ruth Edge and Joe Meyer.

William Fox Pitt and Andrew Nicholson also rode in blinding rain and William lies in 6th place on Seacookie and Andrew in equal ninth place sharing it with Kitty King.

So the leader board has changed but Badminton is never a dressage competition and the big galloping course will no doubt change the leader board tomorrow. Here's hoping the rain stops overnight and that tomorrow's cross country will be enjoyed by all.

Results (after Dressage)

1 Kai Rüder/Le Prince des Bois (GER) 33.8
2 Ruth Edge/Two Thyme (GBR) 39.0
3 Kristina Cook/Miner's Frolic (GBR) 41.7
4 Neil Spratt/Upleadon (NZL) 41.8
5 Francis Whittington/Sir Percival lll (GBR) 42.2

6 William Fox-Pitt/Sea Cookie (GBR) 42.7
7 James Robinson/Comanche (GBR) 43.5
8 Andreas Dibowski/Euroridings Butts Leon 43.5
9 =Kitty King/Boondoggle (GBR) 44.3
9 =Andrew Nicholson/Avebury (NZL) 44.3

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