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Luhmühlen, Germany

Interview with course designer Capt. Mark Phillips about the 2010 event at Luhmühlen.

What will be the main differences in the cross country compared to the event last year?

Captain Mark Phillips: "The course runs a very similar route to last year but I’ve tried to create more flow for the horses and riders. Also the fences are more inviting and user friendly than last year."
Which are the main topics you are concentrated on in your work for Luhmühlen?

Captain Mark Phillips: " make the cross country course better than last year!"

The event will be held one year before the European Championships. Do you think there will be a lot of entries because the riders want to get an idea of what they can expect in 2011?

Captain Mark Phillips: "I don’t know. Many European riders already know Luhmühlen well. Many will want to come in June 2011 to see the new arena, facilities and stable area when they are completed."

This is the year of the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky (USA). How much WEG will be in the Luhmühlen event?

Captain Mark Phillips: "We have one WEG fence placed in the main arena and are also trying already to create a London 2012 fence."

What are the main benefits from the cooperation with the Evans Team?

Captain Mark Phillips: "I have worked with the Evans team for over ten years now. They are very good, very experienced and understand the quality of work needed. Riders and spectators will see a big difference in the presentation this year!"

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