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USEA Launchs Educational Website
Leesburg, VA, USA

The United States Eventing Association have announced the launch of a new sister site called Discover Eventing. Devoted to educating and informing readers about the sport of three-day eventing. The USEA hopes the site will become a valuable resource for eventers and eventers-to-be wishing to expand their knowledge about the sport.

While Discover Eventing currently offers comprehensive content about the sport, the USEA will continually strive to add more information to keep up to date with the latest rules and trends in eventing. In addition, more educational videos and images will be added over the coming months.

Discover Eventing is divided into four main sections: "Eventing 101," "My First Event," "Get Involved," and "Join The USEA."  The site also contains a thorough glossary, downloadable checklists, and eventing related links.

"Eventing 101" explains the history and basics of eventing and is meant to inform the general public about the sport. "My First Event" prepares first-time eventers to become safe and smart competitors and includes such helpful information such as a schedule and frequently asked questions. "Get Involved" delves into the multitude of other roles that exist for people that are interested in becoming involved in the sport in other aspects besides riding. Finally, "Join The USEA" provides facts about the organization and membership requirements to compete in the eventing.

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