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List Go Live For All FEI Events
Lausanne, Switzerland

The FEI on Monday announced that the new Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations and the Equine Prohibited Substances List are now in effect for all FEI events. All involved in equestrian sport, and especially competitors, National Federations, veterinarians, event organisers, officials, managers, coaches and grooms, are responsible for understanding and abiding by the new Regulations.

"Today, 5 April, is a landmark day for our sport, the beginning of the Clean Sport Era," said Alex McLin, FEI Secretary General. "Today marks the culmination of a collective effort by the entire equestrian community to protect the integrity of our sport and the welfare of our horses."

Under the new Equine Anti Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations, anything prohibited in competition, no matter how the substance is classified, is called a "Prohibited Substance". Doping substances, which have no place in equine sport, are called "Banned Substances," while medication substances that are commonly used in equine medicine but prohibited in competition, are called "Controlled Medication Substances".

To aid riders and vets in quickly determining whether substances they are using are prohibited, the FEI has made available a Prohibited Substances Database, which is easily searchable.

The new Regulations set clearer responsibilities for competitors and tougher sanctions for those who violate the rules. Additionally, the FEI has broadened the concept of "Person Responsible" to include a greater focus on support personnel. The goal is to ensure that all participants in equestrian sports who violate the Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations are held accountable.

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