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Own The Podium
Ottawa, ON, Canada

The Canadian federal government has decided to further invest in the Own the Podium (OTP) program, as unveiled this week in the 2010 federal budget. The budget provides for an additional $22 million to be invested into support of high performance sport for both summer and winter athletes.

The commitment provides the ability to move programs forward into the future and to help achieve the kind of results at future Games that Canada experienced in Vancouver. This builds a solid foundation for OTP to continue to grow as it needs to in order to help Canadian athletes keep pace with other leading sport nations in the world. The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), in working through its Foundation and with its corporate partners, will continue to build on this foundation to support the commitment and leadership that government partners have provided.

"We've seen how success on the world stage can energize Canadians following the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. These Games and Canada's athletes inspired the nation. They were transformational for Canadians of all ages - true nation-building at its best!" ssaid Michael Chambers, COC president. "We commend the Government of Canada on its decision and its increased support of high performance sport as we collectively work towards making Canada a leading sport nation."

With the announcement, the Government of Canada's commitment to the Own the Podium segment of high performance sport will total $69 million annually, which includes a focus of $22 million for the OTP winter sport program. For summer sport, the government's support will reach its full range this year at $36 million, setting the table for Canada's athletes for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. (The summer program was created in 2006 and initially called Road to Excellence. Today, both the winter and summer programs now operate under the name of Own the Podium.) An additional $11 million will be focused on programs supporting both summer and winter programs and high performance development as we move into the future.

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