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European Equestrian Federation Formed
Warendorf, Germany

International horse sport has a new European association, the European Equestrian Federation (EEF). The new body was established today (18th February) by 27 European National Federations present at a meeting in Warendorf (Germany). This process commenced at a meeting of European National Federations in Deauville (France) in March 2009 and was agreed in principle in Antwerp (Belgium) in September 2009. The Federation was officially formed today (18th February 2010), following the signing of the Statutes by National Federations. It is anticipated that other European Federations and other representative groups, who could not be present at the meeting, will also adopt the new Statutes.

The European Equestrian Federation (EEF) will represent the interests of European horse sport within the FEI. It will also liaise with the European Union and other decision making bodies on matters of concern to the horse community.

Speaking after the meeting, the newly elected President Dr. Hanfried Haring (Germany) said "The EEF will help to ensure that European countries have a clear voice within the FEI. Our goal is to contribute positively to the FEI by improving communication, cooperation and understanding. EEF will try to ensure that the needs of all Federations and stakeholders in the European equestrian community are properly taken into account."

Other elected members of the interim Board are Christian Paillot (France) and Ulf Helgstrand (Denmark) as Vice Presidents as well as Manuel Bandeira de Mello (Portugal), Andrew Finding (Great Britain), Michal Wroblewski (Poland) and Armagan Özgörkey (Turkey).

"The FEI welcomes this development," said FEI President HRH Princess Haya. "Like the regional associations already established in Asia and the Americas, this reflects the natural evolution of representation of the sport's interests at the regional level. We expect it to help address the numerous specific needs of European National Federations."

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