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2010 Australian National High Performance Squads Announced
Homebush, NSW, Australia

There are three squads forming the National Eventing High Performance Squad:

  • The Elite Squad - Shadow Team for the 2010 WEG
  • The National A - Squad for well-performed younger up-and-coming horses that have the potential to make the elite squad.
  • Youth Development Squad (Previously known as Young Rider Squad) For identified promising young riders up to the age of 21.

Holding List

The Holding List is a sub-section of the elite squad and is activated from time to time for horses that have previously been on the elite squad but that are temporarily not competing at international level due to reasons of soundness or illness.

Eventing Talent Search Squad

The National Eventing Talent Search Squad is an initiative developed by the National Eventing program in partnership with the NSWIS to specifically identify and select talented combinations for the future that are outside the traditional selection process. Traditionally selected are both the National and the NSWIS Squad on the basis of performance indicators in *** CICs and CCIs and as such may miss some promising horse rider combinations who are competing at lower levels.

2010 Eventing Elite Squad
Rider Horse Primary Owner
FREDERICKS, Clayton Ben Along Time Clayton Fredericks
FREDERICKS, Lucinda Headley Britannia C,P & R Fredericks and Jackie Murray
GRIFFITHS, Samuel Happy Times Dinah Posford and Juliet Donald
JOHNSON, Sonja Ringwould Jaguar Augusta Saunders
JONES, Megan Kirby Park Allofasudden Allan POULSON
JONES, Megan Kirby Park Irish Jester Margaret Jones
SCHAEFFER, Wendy Koyuna Sun Dancer Wendy Schaeffer
SCHAEFFER, Wendy Koyuna Sun Magic Wendy Schaeffer
TAPNER, Paul Inonothing Jenny Waaler and Paul Tapner
TINNEY, Stuart Vettori Kathryn Ward
2010 Eventing Holding Squad
Rider Horse Primary Owner
MCNAB, Kevin Game Play Emma Dougall
2010 Eventing A Squad
Athlete Horse Primary Owner
BALCOMB, Lauren Kootamootoo Julie Balcomb
BLUNDELL, Natalie Algebra Julia McLean
BURTON, Christopher Holstein Park Leilani Jean Findlay
FREDERICKS, Clayton Bendigo Edwin and Peta McAuley
FREDERICKS, Clayton Poilu Simon and Bridget Hall
JOHNSON, Sonja Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison Olga Reveler
LEVETT, William Hippolyte Bill Levett and Vera Leggett
ROSE, Shane KOKO BLACK Cassie Lowe
ROSE, Shane Taurus Shane Rose
ROSS, Amanda Koyuna Tora Bora Amanda Ross
RYAN, Heath Mystery Whisper Heath Ryan
SCHAEFFER, Wendy Koyuna Sun Shine Wendy Schaeffer
SCHAEFFER, Wendy Koyuna Sun Storm Wendy Schaeffer
SCOTT, Emma Jenbern Monyana Wyn Scott
SCOTT, Emma Mustang Emma Scott
TAPNER, Paul Kilfinnie 11 Sue White and Paul Tapner
TINNEY, Stuart Panamera Tim Game
TINNEY, Stuart Watermark Grayson Sarah Ingham
WEIMANN, Katja PLUTO MIO Elizabeth Pittard

2010 Eventing Youth Development Squad

LUSH, Tegan
LUXFORD, Victoria
MANSON, Jessica
PRICE, Bonnie
TUCKER, Phoebe
WILSON, Madeline
WOOD, Makayla

2010 Eventing Youth Development 21-25 yrs

LAMBERT, Lucinda
WARREN, Sophie

2010 Eventing Talent Search Squad
Rider Horse Primary Owner
BATES, Christine Adelaide Hill Christine Bates
BATES, Christine Church Hill Gendy Parry-Okeden
CHAPMAN, Niki Wisteria Lane Niki Chapman
CONNOLLY, Georgia Flowervale Maserati Georgia Connolly
DAVIES, Natalie BB Congo Natalie Davies
DOCKRAY, Emily Under Contract Emily Dockray
DOUGALL, Emma Belcam Bear Emma Dougall
DOUGALL, Emma Kelecyn Ice Age Kevin McNab
DUGGAN, Philippa Beau Geste
FERGUSON, Margaret Jetstar
FOSTER, Rebekah Carisbrooke Legs Eleven
FREEMAN- FINN, Charley Odyssey Adventure Charley Freeman- Finn
GRAHAM, Claudia Park Street Vision Claudia Graham
HARTLEY, Anthonia Due Heed Anthonia Hartley
JOHNSON, Sonja Parkiarrup Loire Sonja Johnson
LAMBERT, Lucinda Lethal Contender Lucinda Lambert
MCNAB, Kevin Kelecyn Divergence Kevin McNab
NIVEN, Tegan Tamaru Dom Perignon Tegan Niven
PEACOCK, Natalie Roskymar Prince Noreah Natalie Peacock
PRICE, Charlotte Kelecyn Scoot Kevin McNab
ROBERSON, Sophie Lunden Sophie Roberson
SPENCER, Sharmayne Star Am I Sharmayne Spencer
STOKES, Deon SS Donald
TURNER, Nicola Haldon Hill Nicola Turner
VAN ROOYE, Michaela Pinterry Grosve Michaela Van Rooye
WALDRON, Joseph Chocolate Frog Joseph Waldron
ZAMEL, Rebecca Kirby Park Irish Jeorge Rebecca Zamel

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