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Tetton Hall Announce The End Of Their Event
London, UK

After over two decades of running their very popular event near Middlewich, Cheshire (England), the Kinsey family has made the decision that it is time to call it a day.

Richard and Frances Kinsey said of their decision: "We have thought long and hard about this difficult decision but feel that the time has come for us to retire from running Tetton Hall."

The Kinsey's would also like to give their thanks to all the helpers, supporters and riders for their support over the years and that they will continue to be enthusiastic followers of our sport, adding that "we wish everyone involved in the sport the best of luck for the future."

British Eventing's Chief Executive, Mike Etherington-Smith, said of the event; "It is a great shame that they have made this decision and their event will no longer be running. Dick and Frances have done a great job over many years and I would like to thank them and all their team of helpers and officials for all their contribution to the sport. Running events is hard work and time consuming as we all know and anyone who runs for more than twenty years deserves the thanks of everyone. We look forward to seeing them both at events during the season."

He added that: "Our Fixtures Team is addressing the situation at the moment and looking to ensure a suitable solution to fill the gap left by the withdrawal of Tetton Hall from the calendar."

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