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Legacy Stables Announces New Facility In Hampstead
Hampstead, MD, USA

Legacy Stables announces openings for training horses and riders at its new facility in Hampstead, Md. Owned and operated by Leeandra and Joe Wesley, Legacy Stables features serious training in a fun, educational atmosphere.

Head trainer Leeandra Wesley has worked in multiple disciplines, including driving, eventing and dressage, from long-lining young horses to competition goals. Wesley is an expert on baroque and warmblood breeds, and is also experienced in working with eventing horses in all three phases of the sport: dressage, stadium and cross-country. In addition, she works with many "problem" horses that may have specific issues related to training, physical limitations or past abuse.

Legacy Stables' new facilities feature two bluestone outdoor arenas, sand indoor arena, access to miles of trails and a USEA-sanctioned cross-country course through training level. Wesley offers instruction and training for all levels of horses and riders, from in-hand work to jumping. Legacy Stables has openings for stall board and has occasional openings for field board. Trailer-in lessons or training is also welcomed, and the arenas and cross-country course are available for schooling.

The new spaces allows Wesley to welcome new clients of almost any discipline who are interested in improving the horse and rider partnership.

"Relaxation, rhythm and submission are the building blocks of dressage, but also of any discipline that requires self-carriage," Wesley said. "A strong foundation allows horses to work to their full potential - and gives riders the confidence to ride to that level."

Wesley's emphasis on positive reinforcement for both horse and rider creates a fun, laid-back atmosphere at Legacy Stables.

"Leeandra has an incredible ability to evaluate horse and rider as a team, combined with her in-depth knowledge of dressage, jumping and teaching techniques," said student Ruth Reilly. "She brings rider and horse together as partners along in their lesson, and by the end of each one of my lessons, I feel in sync with my horse, totally connected and more balanced."

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