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OHTA 2009 Year End Awards
Caledon, ON, Canada

The 2009 Ontario Horse Trials Association year end awards, presented at the 2009 annual general meeting and dinner in Caledon, Ontario.

Junior Pre-Entry Division:

  • 1st - Jennifer Stolz on Christian D'Or
  • 2nd - Emily Karlowski on Raindrops On Roses
  • 2nd - Jeanne Frappier on Jessie
  • 3rd - Alyson Karson on Look Who's Talking
  • 3rd - Natalie Farrugia on Menai Creek

Junior Entry Division:

  • 1st - Alison Bressette on Good Golly Miss Molly
  • 2nd - Jane Stephenson on Irish Park's Turf Fire
  • 3rd - Heather McGeer on Mr. McGoo

Senior Entry Division:

  • 1st - Sylvain Harvey on I Am Canadian
  • 2nd - Suzanne Hess on Galena
  • 3rd - Kathrina Nicole Bonneville on Pandemonium

Open Entry Division:

  • 1st - Donna Compton on Memphis Bisquee
  • 2nd - Martha Mesley on Paddington
  • 3rd - Danielle Glanc on Once Upon A Time

Junior Pre-Training Division:

  • 1st - Sable Giesler on Evil Munchkin
  • 2nd - Dakota Wicklum on Pralines N' Cream
  • 3rd - Sable Giesler on Kathryn The Great

Senior Pre-Training Division:

  • 1st - Annaliese Farber on Esprit De La Danse
  • 2nd - Kim Sachau on Amelie
  • 3rd - Dianne Mast on Jerry McGuire
  • 3rd - Norma Penner on Sunday Best

Open Pre-Training Division:

  • 1st - Jane Patterson-White on Got Tempo
  • 2nd - Stephanie St. Pierre on Calypso
  • 3rd - Edie Tarves on Rumble

Junior Training Division:

  • 1st - Erin MacDonald on Tobiaz
  • 2nd - Shelby Croft on Road Runner
  • 3rd - Sarah Laight on Redemption

Senior Training Division: Champion trophy donated in memory of Grace Faggiani

  • 1st - Carolyn Pass-Cormier on Dartanyan
  • 2nd - Nancy Dunne on Heston Trooper
  • 3rd - Nancy Robertson on Toots

Open Training Division:

  • 1st - Momo Laframboise on Raniki
  • 2nd - Kelly Poland on Cumulus Effect
  • 3rd - Penny Rowland on Northwinds Breeze

Preliminary Division: Champion trophy donated in memory John Treanor

  • 1st - Alana Van Paassen on Tyler's Jack
  • 2nd - Rachel McDonough on Irish Rhythm
  • 3rd - Samantha Elsenaar on Armon

Open Preliminary Division:

  • 1st - Sarah Croft on Gulliver's Travels
  • 2nd - Selena O'Hanlon on A First Romance
  • 2nd - Stephanie St. Pierre on Santo Domingo
  • 3rd - Anita Nemtin-Gilmour on Topper

Intermediate Division: Champion trophy donated in memory Joan Kendall

  • 1st - Rebecca Rebus on Roundabout
  • 2nd - Edie Tarves on Arwen
  • 3rd - Penny Rowland on Charley Farley

Novice Adult Division:

A novice adult is someone who is over the age of 21, competing at the Entry or Pre-Training level, who has never competed above that level before. This year there were 164 active members in the Novice Adult program that competed in all the events through out the season. The 2009 champions were:

Entry Division:

  • 1st - Sylvain Harvey on I Am Canadian,
  • 2nd - Ashley Hensman on Hott Gossip
  • 3rd - Suzanne Hess on Galena

Pre-Training Division:

  • 1st - Tania Burrows on Sommerled's O'Finnigan
  • 2nd - Marjorie Beale on Gaetana
  • 3rd - Victoria French on Sam I Am

Leading Male Rider: Champion trophy donated in memory of Kuni Von Rothstein

This trophy is awarded to the male rider who has accumulated the highest total points for their top two horses at the Preliminary level and above.

  • Waylon Roberts

Leading Female Rider Trophy

Trophy is awarded to the female rider who has accumulated the highest total points for their top two horses at the Preliminary level and above.

Penny Rowland

OHTA Cross Country Award

The OHTA are very pleased to announce the winner of their inaugural XC Equitation and Style award for 2009. This Diladream trophy is generously sponsored by Kelly Plitz and Dreamcrest Equestrian Centre. The winner was:
  • Edie Tarves

Veteran Rider Plaque

To qualify for this next award, a rider must let us know that he or she is over 50 years of age (or be nominated by a friend), never have competed at higher than Intermediate level and have accumulated the most points during the season.

  • Nancy Dunne

Rubber Ducky Award

This award is given to the person or persons who have had the most spectacular fall into water during the season. Please note that no horses or humans were wounded during these incidents…only a little pride! Every season we have at least one competitor who does a swan dive into the skanky pond water on cross country...and this year we had 3!

  • Jacqueline Bradshaw on Wizard of Oz at Grandview
  • Anne Zander on Lambert at Killusty
  • Leeza Igochine on Hottamolli at Killusty

Horse of the Year Award

This very prestigious award is given to the Ontario based horse that has been active in Ontario competitions and has demonstrated potential to represent Canada at the National and /or International levels. The Horse of the Year award is given to the Ontario based horse competing at the Intermediate and/or 2* level during the current year that has demonstrated potential to represent Canada at the International level in the near future.

This award is voted on by the Board of the OHTA, giving due consideration to performance during the season and solicited input from elite coaches.

This year's winner is an 11 year old Swedish Warmblood/Thoroughbred mare sired by Holmberg and bred by Stephanie Brusekas. "Connie", known as "The Princess" to everyone at her barn, is an alpha mare with definite likes and dislikes that she makes very clear to everyone around her.

Through steady and unhurried training at the hands of her very capable rider, she has successfully progressed through the levels exhibiting the talent and potential that will take her to the international stage

Horse of the Year

  • Arwen, ridden by Edie Tarves and owned by Robin Campbell

Kaesar Award

This award, sponsored by Anita Nemtin-Gilmour, is in honour of her horse Kaesar, and for 2009 is presented to the highest placed Ontario based horse in a 4 * event.

  • Colombo ridden by Selena O'Hanlon

Unsung Hero Award

This award is one of the most difficult to decide and this year was no exception. We received many nominations and each one deserves our recognition and appreciation for their untiring dedication and support. Along with announcing the recipient of the award, we would like to pay tribute to the rest of the nominees for Unsung Hero.

Those nominees were: John Kenno, Kendall McBeath, Nick Matusiak, Evelyn Enright, M.H. Lessard, Jane Tourikian, Susan Roth and, as we have dubbed them, the Young Rider Moms; Alison Morra, Jeanne Lafranier and Lynne Vear, for their contribution to making our sport run.

There are so many people who give their time behind the scenes, never asking for recognition. One of the things that make our sport great is the people who contribute so that other competitors, volunteers, and organizers can succeed; people who can turn problems into solutions, and people who can pull off the impossible. This year's award goes to two people who truly embody the spirit of the Unsung Hero.

Not only do they devote their time and energy supporting their own local event, but when they recognized that help was needed, they immediately pitched in to help plan, design, and build the Prelim and Intermediate courses at this year's Championships.

Despite the hours spent commuting back and forth, they spent weekends working with boundless energy and no complaints. On cross country day they were there with smiles on their faces and hammers in hand to work as repair crew out on course. This year's Unsung Heroes are....

  • Glenn McMechan and Ernst Kuglin

Graham Towers Award

The Graham Towers Sportsmanship Award is given to a person who embodied the qualities of sportsmanship and integrity. In his memory, this award is given along with a cheque for $100 from the Graham Towers Fund which has been generously donated to the OHTA in his memory.

Kellie Towers, Graham's daughter, couldn't attend the Awards banquet this year to present the award tonight, but she asked that we read this on her behalf.

"Hello all. I regret that I cannot be here this evening to present Dad's award. While standing in the back of his pickup at the start box, Dad witnessed both the good and the bad aspects of behaviour that were exhibited under the pressure of competition. But he saw more good than bad so it is appropriate to recognize someone who epitomizes this attitude.

Our recipient this evening is an excellent example of someone who shows true sportsmanship, and is always up beat and helpful to fellow competitors. I am not going to list examples of what he has done because I expect, if we were to go around the room, a great number of you would have your own story to tell.

I know Dad would be pleased with this selection. Please welcome this year's Graham Towers Award recipient:"

  • Claus Zander

Thoroughbred Of the Year Awards

The Thoroughbred of the Year Awards for 2009 are sponsored by the OHTA in conjunction with Exclusively Equine Training and Sales and are awarded to the top placing Thoroughbred in the Regular and Open Divisions from Entry to Advanced.

To qualify, the horse must be Jockey Club registered, have finished in the top 10 in their respective division, and they, their owner and rider must all be Ontario based.

  • Entry Division - Stellar owned by Brooke & Deb Stoddart
  • Open Entry Division - True Romance owned by Trudy Atrens
  • Pre-Training Division - Infinity owned by Lauren Mulrenin
  • Open Pre-Training Division - Catalyst owned by Ashley Knight
  • OpenTraining Division - Breeze In The Park owned by Carol Patterson and Kelly Poland
  • Preliminary Division - Irish Rythm owned Rachel McDonough
  • Open Preliminary Division - Santo Domingo owned by Stephanie St. Pierre
  • Intermediate Division - Catmantoo owned by Bob Holman
  • Advanced Division - Caliente Kisses owned by Anne Zander

Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association Award

  • Melanie, owned by Penny Beer and ridden by Lindsay Beer

Canadian Sport Horse Award

Beasley Farms, in association with the Canadian Sport Horse Association would like to honour the top placed registered Canadian Sport Horse for 2009. The winner is:

  • Tobiaz, owned and ridden by Erin MacDonald

Irish Draught Horse Award

Irish horses excel in the eventing discipline and once again the Irish Draught Horse Society of Canada and Pairadox Farm would like to honour the highest placed Canadian registered Irish Draught or Irish Draught cross. The winner for 2009 is:

  • Sea of Diamonds, owned by Tony Connolly and Skye Levely and ridden by Caleigh Levely-Connolly

Ontario Standardbred Eventer Award

The Ontario Standardbred Eventer Award is new for 2009. It is sponsored by Janet Zizian and honours registered Standardbreds who have gone on to compete successfully in eventing. In future years we hope to honour Standardbreds at all levels, but for 2009 our winner has competed successfully at the Pre-Training level. The winner is:

  • Daylon Brandy, owned by Karen Stinson and ridden by Brittany Stinson

Canadian Young Event Horse Awards

This series is a wonderful introduction to eventing for young horses and a great venue for breeders to showcase their young horses without breaking the bank! There are four divisions including Future Eventer 3 Yr, 4 year old, 5 year olds and an open division. These 4 year old, 5 year olds and an open division classes are comprised of a dressage test, a jumping test (similar to a short course event), a conformation class and a suitability class, all judged on the horse's potential.

  • 3 year old CYEH Champion was Bally Sea Owner/Breeder: Suzanne Dow Irish Draught Sport Horse Sire: Rhydis Sea Quest Dam: Rogol Runner
  • 4 year old CYEH Champion was Heron Hills Ariel Owner/Breeder: Diane Lawrence Canadian Warmblood Sire: Socrates Dam: Escade II Rider: Selena O'Hanlon
  • 5 year old CYEH Champion was Quizz D'Orange Owner/Breeder: Ruth Armstrong Canadian Warmblood Sire: Illian De Taute Dam: Wenalla Rider: Ruth Armstrong
  • Open Division CYEH Champion was Mala Noche Owner: Ruth Armstrong Breeder: Charlotte Shickendanz Canadian Sport Horse/ Trakehner Sire: Helling Dam: Alta Rider: Dana Ulbrich

Young Rider Divisions:

  • Young Rider Preliminary Division Champion Trophy goes to Rachel Vear on Choco De Pomme
  • Young Rider Intermediate Division Champion Trophy goes to Waylon Roberts on Gigi

Young Rider Series Challenge Winners

  • Pre-Training Division Champion: Lindsay Beer on Kat Mon Dieu
  • Reserve: Stephen Hall on Prospect's Ebony
  • Training Division Champion: Kylie Figueira on Dam Near Black
  • Reserve: Lindsay Beer on Optimistic
  • Preliminary Division Champion: Samantha Elsenaar on Armon
  • Reserve: Liza Igochine on Karla
  • Intermediate Division Champion: Rebecca Rebus on Roundabout
  • Reserve: Waylon Roberts on Myrrdin's Sebastian
  • YR Eventing Style Award: Kylie Figueira

Combined Training Series and Short Course Year End Awards

Combined Training Series Winners

  • Entry Division: Champion - Jane Stephenson on Irish Park's Turf Fire
  • Reserve Champion - Andrea Nazarian on Yukon
  • Pre-Training Division Champion - Sable Giesler on Kathryn The Great
  • Reserve Champion - Trudy Atrens on True Romance
  • Training Division Champion - Kelly Poland on Cumulous Effect
  • Reserve Champion - Erin MacDonald on Tobiaz Short

Short Course Series Winners

  • Entry Division: Champion - Trudy Atrens on True Romance
  • Reserve Champion - Kerri Martin on Rumpshaker
  • Pre-Training Division Champion - Stefanie Hogenhout on Lexi
  • Reserve Champion - Lauren Mulrenin on Irish Park's Diamond

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