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Eight out of the Top Ten at Burghley Horse-Trials Wear Point Two Vests
Ocala, FL, USA

Equestrians have been waiting for a product that offers enhanced rider protection from contusions, fractures and internal injuries at exactly the moment it is needed-- just like the airbag in your car. Point Two Air Jackets deliver this point of impact protection and have quickly become rider favorites with eight out of the top ten finishers at the 2009 Burghley Horse Trials protecting themselves in the vests. Developed in Europe for jockeys, eventers and anyone else in the saddle, Point Two Air Jackets have revolutionized rider body protection. Now these vests are available to North American riders through Point Two USA.

Among the illustrious riders in multiple disciplines that are enjoying the added protective benefits of the Point Two "Pro Air" Jacket is Olympian Phillip Dutton. This four-time Olympic Three-Day Eventer from West Grove, PA is just one member of the international equestrian community that has become a fan of the Point Two Air Jacket and considers it essential gear for schooling and competition. "Safety is a top priority for every rider," Dutton says. "I feel that this jacket makes my sport safer."

Point Two Air Jackets are a state of the art response to the industry's call to reduce rider injury. The Air Jacket, which is actually a sleeveless vest with a front zip and clips, is waterproof and washable. Its tough polyester construction is lightweight and flexible enough to be worn under loose fitting clothing or over a standard BETA body protector. The Point Two vest weighs a mere 900 grams or less than two pounds.
Phillip Dutton at Fair Hill International wearing a Point Two Vest
A rider slips on the vest and, when mounted, a narrow lanyard connects the Air Jacket to the saddle. Should the rider be separated from the horse, the lanyard will pull the activation key from the jacket, triggering a mechanism to release CO2 into the airbag system. The jacket inflates, encapsulating the rider's trunk and collar area of the neck before he or she hits the ground, providing shock absorption on impact. At an inflation rate of 0.1 of a second, Point Two vests are the fastest air jackets in the world. Each CO2 canister is effective for one deployment. Additional canisters can be purchased. The manufacturer recommends regular checks for wear and tear, as well as servicing of the airbag following six inflations or twice yearly.  

The engineers at Point Two have designed the lanyard connection system to be effective and easy to use. The bungee lanyard connects to the saddle via nylon straps fastened to the stirrup bars. These straps can be adjusted by the rider to a length that ensures the jacket won't inflate unless the rider becomes airborne. The activation key at the end of the lanyard makes connecting the two quick and simple.

The Point Two Air Jacket is designed with air channels that protect the major upper abdominal and thoracic organs, as well as the collar area of the neck, ribs and coccyx, by simultaneously stabilizing the trunk and absorbing the shock of impact. Many equestrians would not think of riding without a helmet. Now they can have confidence that the other vulnerable parts of the body are similarly protected.  This new safety product is certain to become a staple with riders all over North America. Whether you are a barrel racer who loves speed and adrenaline, a casual field hunter, a novice just learning to cut a cow or a young pony clubber who understands the need for safety, this product is ideal for any discipline.

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