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Waylon Settles For Second, Penny Wins Indoor Eventing
Toronto, ON, Canada
Waylon Roberts on Michael and Lynne Vear's Chocco de Pomme
What a night for the three-time Champion of the Royal Horse Show's Good Crop Services Indoor Eventing, Waylon Roberts of Port-Perry, ON. From finishing second Monday night, to second Tuesday - the runner-up position has never looked so good. The win went to 2003 Pan-American Games Team Silver medalist, Penny Rowland of Orangeville, ON on Roundabout, and Sinead Halpin of Pottersville, NJ, riding for the United States finished third overall on Showdown.

Roberts noted that mom (Olympian Kelly Plitz) and dad (Olympian Ian Roberts, also a competitor in the series) had made some suggestions following his 20-fault round last night.

"My parents said 'fix it', and then they told me how to fix it, and for once I listened to them!" laughed Roberts following the class tonight. "They said 'just ride it better' so this morning we went back to the basics, working on flatwork and balance, to try to be more in tune with each other." The strategy obviously paid off.

While in previous years the course has been dramatically altered from the first to second nights, this evening's course was nearly identical to that of last night. The changes came in some of the distances between the fences, and in the strategic placement of "decoration" around the ring, which impacts where riders can cut corners and perhaps shave off those all-importance few seconds.

"Some of the angles were different tonight and with the placement of the decorations you really had to think about whether or not to try and make those tough turns," explained Rowland. "I would have tried a couple of those turns but when Oliver had problems I just thought 'nahhhh!' and I played it safe. I was a little slower tonight but went for the clean."

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