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Sandra Sillcox Memorial Award
London, ON, Canada

These Awards are in recognition of the Canadian Pony Club 75th Anniversary and of long time supporter, Sandra Sillcox. They are for 2009 only.

Sandra started her Pony Club career in the Eglinton Pony Club in 1946, where she later achieved her A. As an adult, she was DC of Toronto North York Pony Club and Regional Chair for Ontario before it was split into 3 Regions. She served as Senior A examiner and Chief Judge at National Rally for many years. She also helped to establish PPG and Tetrathlon in Canada. She went on to become a Senior CEF Judge and an FEI Steward.
She had many fond memories of her years in Pony Club and made many friends over the years, who became a special part of her life.


  • One $500 Award to one member in each Region
  • One $500 Award to an Affiliate Member from all across Canada
  • There will be a total of 14 Sandra Sillcox Memorial Awards.


  • Active Members: 5 or more continuous years of membership in CPC.
  • Affiliate Members: 10 or more continuous years of membership in CPC.
  • The Award is to support and promote future training and education in the equestrian field.


250 to 500 word electronic submission (written, audio, visual) on:

  • what it means to them to be a member of Canadian Pony Club,
  • how Pony Club has helped them in their riding career and in their life,
  • their goals for future training and education.

A letter of reference from the DC, RC or Branch instructor, which should be e-mailed directly to the National Office.

All submissions are to be sent to the National Office electronically. The header in the e-mail must be "Sandra Sillcox Award".

All submissions must be received at the National Office by August 1, 2009. Late entries will not be considered.

For further information, e-mail

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