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USEA Now Accepting Nominees for the Eventing Hall of Fame
Leesburg, VA, USA
Photo: Anthony Trollope/
A fun moment with inductees, Karen Stives in the arms of Denny Emerson, Michael Page, Dick Thompson and Jimmy Wofford at the Eventing Hall of Fame Gala which was held during the 2006 United States Eventing Association Convention held in St. Louis, Missouri
Not only is the USEA celebrating its 50th anniversary at our Annual Meeting and Convention in Reston, Virginia in December, but we will also be celebrating the induction of a select group of worthy candidates into the Eventing Hall of Fame. This year five people and two horses will be inducted and we are now asking our members to send in their nominations for consideration.

The established guidelines for selection is as follows:

Qualifications for Nomination: Those persons and/or equines who have made a difference to the sport of eventing (i.e. Past Presidents, volunteers, riders, founding fathers, course designers, officials, organizers, horses, horse owners, coaches)


  • A record of working tirelessly over a period of years on behalf of the sport and its growth and development and/or the welfare of event horses.
  • Riders must be retired from representing the U.S. in international “team” competitions for a minimum of five years. (Olympic Games, World Equestrian Games, Pan American Games or other CCIOs).
  • Horses must be retired from representing the U.S. in international “team” competition for a minimum of five years.
  • Nominees may not be a current member of the Hall of Fame Screening Committee and/or the USEA Board of Governors.

Nominations must be submitted in writing (by email or USPO) to the USEA prior to June 1. Please email

The Screening Committee of seven will research and screen nominations following selection guidelines and criteria. Candidates must receive at least five of these seven votes to be presented to the USEA Board of Governors. A ballot listing of proposed Eventing Hall of Fame inductees will be put before the Board of Governors for their approval at their August meeting.

The Induction will take place at the Eventing Hall of Fame Dinner at the USEA Annual Meeting and Convention in Reston, Virginia, December 5, 2009.

For a list of current members of the Eventing Hall of Fame visit this link

To help you get started with selecting your nominees a list of eligible candidates has been posted below. This list is by no means complete and you may have additional suggestions.

Tad Coffin

Individual and Team Gold Medalist, Montreal Olympic Games, 1976 (Bally Cor 2003 Hall of Fame).

Bruce Davidson

World Champion 1974 and 1978 (Irish Cap and Might Tango) Olympic Team gold medalist, Los Angeles 1984 (J.J. Babu) Individual gold and team silver 1995 Pan Am Games, (Heyday).

Kevin Freeman

Olympic Team Silver Medalist, Tokyo 1964, (Gallopade) Mexico 1968, (Chalan) Munich 1972, (Good Mixture) 9th 1966 World Championships (M’Lord Connolly); Organizer Freeman Farms Horse Trials for many years.

Denis Glaccum

One of the first members of the USEA, international rider, USEA Board and Committee member for numerous years, lifetime organizer, USEA Area Chair.

Roger Haller

Course Designer, 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, World Championships, Lexington, 1978, USEA Board member, USEA/USEF Committee member since the 1970’s, USEA Area Chairman, Successful advanced rider-Golden Griffin.

Lt. Col. Frank Henry

Olympic Team gold and individual silver, London 1948

Mike Huber

13th World Championships, 1978, Gold Medal 1987 Pan American Games, Former USEA President, longtime USEF Chair, High Performance Eventing Committee

David O’Connor

Olympic individual gold medalist Sydney (Custom Made), Team Bronze; (Giltedge) Olympic Team Silver, Atlanta 1996 (Giltedge) Team Gold Pan American Games, Winnipeg 1999, 5th Individual (Custom Made); Team Gold Medal, WEG, Jerez 2004 (Giltedge). USEF President and longterm committee member of both organizations.

Walter Staley

Olympic Team Bronze Medal, Helsinki 1952

Col. Earl Thompson

Olympic Individual silver medalist, Los Angeles 1932, Berlin 1936 (Jenny Camp - 1999 Hall of Fame).

Kim Walnes

Bronze medalist 1982 World Championships, Luhmuhlen

Lana Wright

First women rider to compete in an Olympic Games. Team silver medal Tokyo 1964 (Mr. Wister).


Ben Arthur

Team gold and silver medalist, Los Angeles Olympic Games, 1984

Better and Better

Team gold and individual silver medalist, Montreal Olympic Games, 1976

Blue Stone

Team gold medalist, Los Angeles Olympic Games, 1984

Bold Minstrel

Team silver medal, Tokyo Olympic Games, 1964, Individual and Team silver, Pan American Games, Chicago, 1959, Team gold, Pan American Games, Sau Paulo, Brazil, 1963.

Custom Made

Does he need any introduction? 3rd Kentucky, 2001, Individual gold medalist in the Sydney Olympic Games, 2000, 1st Badminton, 1997, 3rd Badminton, 1996, 1st Kentucky, 1995


Team silver and individual bronze, Mexico Olympic Games, 1968, Team gold and individual bronze medal, Pan American Games, Winnipeg, 1967

Free and Easy

Team silver medal, 1972 Munich Olympics


Team silver medal, 1964, Tokyo Olympics, 12th individually.


A record 5 times representing the US in Team competition. Other horses have made 5 teams but none have represented the US Team 5 times like Giltedge has. Headed the all-time USEA leaderboard for four years. Team gold, WEG Jerez, 2002, Winner of Kentucky in 2001, Team bronze, Sydney Olympic Games 2000, Team gold and individual silver, 1999 Pan American Games, 1998 WEG, Rome, Team gold and individual silver, Team silver medal, Atlanta Olympic Games, 1996.

Good Mixture

Individual silver and team gold medal, World Championships, Burghley 1974, Team silver and 5th individually, Munic Olympic Games, 1972

Irish Cap

Individual and Team gold medal World Championships, 1974, Burghley

JJ Babu

Team gold, Los Angeles Olympic Games, 1984

Marcus Aurelius

Team gold medal, Gold Medal 1975 Pan American Games, Mexico, Team gold medal Montreal Olympic Games, 1976


Individual and Team Silver, Pan American Games, Chicago 1959, Team gold, Pan American Games, Sau Paulo, Brazil 1963

Might Tango

Individual Gold Medal, 1978 World Championships, Lexington


Individual and team gold medal, Pan American Games, Indianapolis, 1987


Team gold and individual bronze, Pan American Games, Indianapolis, 1987

The Grey Goose

Bronze medal, 1982 World Championships