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Safer Building Materials, Inc, Debuts "Prologs™" At The Canadian Team Mandatory Outing
Ocala, FL, USA
Safer Building Materials, Inc., a new company founded by Eventing Olympians Mike Winter and Kyle Carter, is pleased to introduce "PROLOGS™". PROLOGS™ are frangible cross country jump logs made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and are designed to increase safety when jumping horses over fixed obstacles. The highly engineered EPS logs absorb energy in the event of horse impact and are frangible when hit with enough force and/or velocity. Safer Building Materials feels the use of this exciting line of products will result in less serious injuries in a variety of types of falls as well as significantly reduce the likelihood of rotational falls.
PROLOGS™ jumps debuted at the Canadian Eventing Team mandatory Olympic short-list outing at the Florida Horse Park this past weekend (July 12-13, 2008). "They were jumped at the Advanced level height of 3'11'' by nine Olympic bound horses and alternates to rave reviews by the riders and Team Technical Advisor David O'Connor, who was also the course designer" stated Kyle Carter. Mike Winter added, "With the successes of the weekend and the importance of implementing alternative safety products for jumping obstacles, we are excited to have presented this great product to the equestrian community and look forward to continuing the testing of our products including releasing laboratory collected technical data".

At this time Safer Building Materials, Inc is offering for sale several sized, colored. The jumps are available to the public and to all those associated with jump design, construction, competition organization and promotion needs. After further engineering and design testing, it is hope to soon offer a full line of jumps including walls, "mushrooms", and other custom designed frangible cross country jump obstacles.

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