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SnugrugZ Official Supplier of Canadian Equestrian Team
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Equine Canada and the Canadian Equestrian Team have announced the sponsorship of Canadian-owned, SnugrugZ.

"Equine Canada is very pleased to have SnugrugZ continue to support equestrian sport in Canada," stated Equine Canada President Al Patterson. "We would like to thank them for supplying our Olympic and Paralympic teams with their fine products."

"SnugrugZ BC and SnugrugZ Ontario are ecstatic to be dressing the horses of Canada's 2008 Olympic and Paralympic equestrian teams." remarked Vicky Royston, president of SnugrugZ. "Not only is this an honor for us, but it gives our company huge credibility in the equine world."

Based in Abbotsford, BC, SnugrugZ manufactures affordable top quality horse/pony show wear, and is the proud supplier of the Canadian Equestrian Team representing Canada at the 2008 Olympics and Paralympics in Hong Kong. Snugrugz has recently sold its first franchise in Brampton, ON"

SnugrugZ will be providing equine athletes with a Canadian red two-layered dress sheet made from the highest quality polar fleece lined with a Coolmax fabric for humidity moisture management. They will also all receive a Coolmax sheet made from an ultra light, sweat-removing polyester fiber that is extremely comfortable even in the warmest climates. SnugrugZ uses a specifically designed fabric that possesses a unique non-static stretch capability and is fully machine washable. All horses will also receive a set of four deluxe shipping boots. To ensure all of the Canadian equine athletes are well equipped to deal with the potentially wet weather conditions in Hong Kong, SnugrugZ is also donating rain quarter sheets for all of the team horses.

More information about SnugrugZ can be found at

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