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Canadian Young Event Horse Series
London, ON, Canada

This popular Canadian Young Event Horse Series series will consist of 4 qualifying competitions this year with a year end championship. Horses with the most points earned throughout the season will be invited to the finals.

There will be three divisions offered in the program; a four year old, five year old and an open division.  The Open division will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in an assessment on their horse and will be of special interest to those wishing to breed their mares.

The long-term goal of the program is to develop Canadian horses, which will carry our team members to International Competition. The short-term objectives are as follows.

  • promote Canadian Bred Horses
  • promote Canadian Breeders of Horses
  • continue to improve the quality of Canadian-bred event horses
  • provide competitive venues for assessing the quality of potential event horses
  • educate riders and the potential buyers of Canadian event horses.

Each horse and rider combination will perform a dressage test, a jumping test including both show jumping and cross-country type fences, a conformation class and a suitability class (similar to a hunter type hack class). All classes will be judging the horse's potential as a competitive event horse.

Competition dates announced include:

May 4th - Glen Oro Farms
June 14th - Foggy River Farm
July 1st - Wits End Farm
Aug 27th - Equus 3D Farm

Date & Location of finals to be announced.

The 2007 series was a success. The number of participants increased and the winners of each division were quality horses. In 2008 there are plans to increasing promotion of individual horses, breeds and breeders. It is also hoped that prize money will be offered. Horse lovers are invited to get involved. Contact information is available at this link.

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