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Eventing Ireland News
Dublin, Ireland

The following key points were agreed at the Board meeting on Thurs 6th Dec at Willow House.

1.The Directors selected for rotation at the next AGM were identified via random selection - Jean Mitchell (NR Rep) and Peter Fell (Event Organisers Rep). These Director positions are now available for nomination from all Members. Notifications and nomination forms will be in the post soon.

2.Three Board members will meet with representatives from the Event Organisers Group on w/c 17th Dec to encourage and discuss the formal constitution and recognition of the EOG by Eventing Ireland and also move towards production of a draft schedule for 2008.

3.The financial reports to end November project a breakeven-small surplus situation across Head Office and Training and Performance accounts.

4.In order to recoup substantial bank and online payment processer charges on the 850k Euro we took online in 2007, it was agreed to implement a 3 Euro / 2 stg flat fee per online transaction (independent of value) in 2008.

5.South and North Leinster Fundraiser raised a disappointing 12k vs the 20k targeted.

6.It was agreed that 2008 fee structures would be amended by
+5/3 on Membership
+5/3 on Horse/Pony Registration
+2.50/1.50 as Travel Levy

This is to raise approx. 50% of our expected contribution to HSI for Performance Management in 2008. The remainder will be raised by the four squads via fundraising activities.

7.Gerry Leahy and Brian Mangan were confirmed as representatives from Eventing Ireland to the HSI Board.

8.It was agreed to move towards appointment of a full-time CEO in Q1 2008

9.The Board welcomes the formalisation and constitution of the RIDERS group and also of the Owners group. Both are well underway.

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