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Punchestown Three Day Event Will Not Go Ahead In 2008
Dublin, Ireland
Photo: Anthony Trollope/
2007 winner Andrew Nicholson and Silbury Hill
The decision has been reluctantly taken not to hold the 2008 Three Day Event at Punchestown Racecourse.  A number of factors have influenced this decision including the redevelopment and improvement works to areas in the centre of the racecourse.

Following some summer activities in Punchestown which unfortunately resulted in damage to the ground on portions of the event course, the executive have used the opportunity to upgrade and extensively repair the areas concerned for the long term benefit of the site.

Dick O'Sullivan, manager of Punchestown Racecourse expressed regret at the cancelling of the event for 2008 but reiterated Punchestown's commitment to equestrian activities.  "We are very grateful to Gillian Kyle for her work in running the Three Day Event at Punchestown in the recent past and there is now a very good relationship there which we plan to build going forward.  I would stress that this is a temporary sabbatical and we are very committed to the return of the Three Day Event to Punchestown."

"While it is disappointing to lose one of our premier three day events, there is no point in waiting until the last minute and then finding out that the event cannot go ahead. Eventing Ireland could potentially now look closely at making a bid to host  the 2011 European Championships," commented outgoing Eventing Ireland chairman Neil Morris.

Chairman of Horse Sport Ireland Joe Walsh said that while he was disappointed that the event was not going ahead he said that it was important to start planning for 2009. "We will be meeting with Punchestown and Eventing Ireland shortly to start planning for 2009 and to examine the possibility of applying to host the 2011 European championships" he said.

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