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Nicolas Touzaint Shines Like A Star
Pau, France
Photo: PSV-Jean Morel
Nicolas Touzaint (FRA)
Horses were presented at the last horse inspection, at 12 p.m, all 25 were accepted, except Idaho d'Argonne, the horse of the Brazilian rider Ruy Fonseca.

The show jumping test began at 3 p.m. in front of an enthousiastic public. The suspense was real because the starting order was in reverse order of the provisional classification. The favorite couples were expected at about 4 p.m. The day's challenge was to jump 12 fences of a height between 1m25 and 1m30 (with one triple fence and one double fence) in 90 seconds.

Everybody was waiting for him, he had won the CIC 2* before lunch time in the same arena. Nicolas Touzaint assures his first place and wins this first 4 star event in Pau. The French champion had a two fault lead in going into the show jumping (in other words he could incur 8 penalty faults with two fences down) this he did right at the start of his round. So the pressure was then at its height for everybody. He then managed to finish his round with no more penalty points. So the victory would be a French one, Nicolas Touzaint can now add Pau's 4 star evet to his amazing results and his excellent 2007 season.

Nicolas Touzaint : "Winning with Hidalgo means a lot to me. For a long time now we believed he had it in him. It is only his 3rd CCI 4* and we have won it. That makes the victory even sweeter."

Mary King riding Imperial Cavalier (GB) finished 2nd after a wonderful clear round. With one fence down Pippa Funnel riding Ensign (GB) remained in 3rd place. However Andrew Nicholson had a catastrophic time with his horse Ginger May Killinghurst (NZ) with whom he won the 2007 CCI 4* in Burghley, with 20 jumping penalty points (5 fences down) and dropped to 6th place.

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