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Tryon Hearing
Lausanne, Switzerland

The hearing in the case of alleged abuse at CCI 4* Lexington involving rider Amy Tryon (USA) and horse Le Samurai, which had occurred on 28 April 2007, took place today 25 June 2007 at the FEI Headquarters in Lausanne.

Composition of the hearing:

Panel of the FEI Tribunal:
Ken Lalo
Patrick Boelens
Erik Elstad

Present for the FEI:
Alex McLin, FEI General Counsel;
Laetitia Zumbrunnen, FEI Legal Counsel

Present for the rider:
Amy Tryon
Kevin Baumgardner, Attorney
Andrew Temkin, Attorney

The following individuals gave evidence at the oral hearing:
Christian Landolt
Wayne Roycroft
Catrin Norinder
Frits Sluyter
Rebecca Broussard
Amy Tryon
Mark Phillips
Karen O'Connor

The hearing began at 9h00 Lausanne time and finished at 16h30. The panel examined the evidence received, which included numerous witness statements and video footage in addition to the testimony of those listed above.

The panel accepted the evidence presented and will issue its motivated decision within a short time and in any event no later than 30 days of today.

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