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Rowland is on a Roll!
Norwood, NC, USA
by Amber Heintzberger
Photos: Anthony Trollope/
Penny Rowland and Roundabout
Penny Rowland, Orangeville, Ont. has much to celebrate, closing her spring season with yet another victory. She and Roundabout won the advanced at The Fork, and with Windswept she placed third in the CIC***. Both horses are owned by Don J. Good. Things look like a sure bet for Rowland, who is aiming for the Pan-Am Games in Brazil this summer. In 2007 Roundabout has won three out of three events and Windswept has one two and placed third twice.

At the Fork, both horses had good dressage scores and were in third early in the competition. Their jumping kept them in the game and at the top of their divisions. "Tony (Roundabout) gets stronger as the season goes on so I put the double bridle on him," she said. It's all tension with him so I have to figure out how to play the game."

"I'm so happy," said Rowland. "Cross-country was great and they had their fair share of problems out there, but it ran smoothly. Windy slipped on the turn between the corners and came in sideways but got the job done. Both horses show jumped well."

Today Rowland had little time between horses, and the stabling was far from the competition rings. "I just had time to get back to the barn, tack Tony up and jump on," she said. "My warm-up was trotting him to the ring, cantering twice around the warm-up ring and jumping one vertical and one oxer. He's such a good jumper, it wasn't a problem but I felt it was a little mean not to give him more warm-up."
Kim Severson on Winsome Adante
Rowland is heading back to Canada after a winter in Florida, so she had every horse, dog and bit of equipment packed and ready for the trip north. With extreme weather conditions across the country, she said that she plans to get a good night's sleep and keep an eye on the forecast before she heads home on Monday.

Kim Severson and Winsome Adante, owned by Linda Wachtmeister, should have all the confidence they need when they head to England on Wednesday to prepare for the Badminton CCI****. They had a textbook show jumping round to with the CIC-W***, topping a field of 36 horses to claim the $8500 prize, as well as the fourth event in the Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series.

It will be Severson's first trip to Badminton, and she said that she is glad to have Dan back on form after a rocky start to the season. "The beginning was a wake-up call and it's good to have my friend back," she said. "I got together with Mark Phillips and worked on a lot of angles and corners. Once you have a problem it'll stick in your head, but I think that he is where he needs to be now."

Will Faudree and his 17-year-old veteran Antigua moved up from tenth place after dressage to a final second place in the World Cup division. Faudree and "Brad" are heading to the Rolex Kentucky CCI**** at the end of April. "He's in good form and I hope we can repeat our performance there," he said. Faudree also placed fourth in Open Intermediate on Mr. McWhinney, who is in his first year of competition at that level.

Severson was also in the lead in the CIC*** on Anne Wachtmeister's Tipperary Liadhan but the big grey Irish gelding barely touched the last rail and knocked it out of the cups. Severson said that she figured he did it on purpose, out of deference to Karen O'Connor and Theodore O'Connor, who won the division.

Theodore O'Connor is a 14.1 7/8" pony owned by P. Wynn Norman of New York. It was the gelding's first career win, and the crowd was certainly honored to be a part of his success. Severson smiled as she left the arena, congratulating O'Connor on her victory.

Severson plans to take Tipperary Liadhan to Jersey Fresh, and he is also on this list to go to the Olympic test event in Hong Kong in August. "He's a big heavy horse but he's fast, and I think he could give us some good information," she said.

Karen O'Connor was delighted with "Teddy", who she said is like riding in a Grand Prix show jumping class, since she is looking up at the jumps. The athletic sport pony has always exceeded expectations according to his owner, who breeds ponies and has them started by professional riders. "I've always had positive feedback on his," she said. O'Connor said that cross-country with Teddy feels easy. "This gives me a lot of confidence before I take him to Kentucky," she said. "There were plenty of exercises on the course but he did them easily."

A syndicate was formed over the winter for Theodore O'Connor, nicknamed "The Teddy Group. Shares are still available at $10,000 per share plus a $6,000 per year maintenance fee.

O'Connor also placed ninth in the CIC-W*** on Dick and Vita Thompson's Upstage, whom she will also compete in Kentucky.

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