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Severson on Double Lead at Fork CIC-W***
Norwood, NC, USA
by Amber Heintzberger
Photo: Anthony Trollope/
Kim Severson on Winsome Adante
Top US event rider Kim Severson is at the top of the leader board in the CIC-W*** with Winsome Adante and the CIC*** on Tipperary Liadhan, at The Fork Stables in Norwood, NC. The US team veteran will have to stay cool under pressure and leave the rails in the cups in the show jumping tomorrow, as each horse is just under two points ahead of the second-place follower.

Winsome Adante was tied with Jonathan Holling on The Lion King II (40.3) in the second day of CIC-W*** dressage at the BB&T Outdoor Heritage Days and Fork Horse Trials, but 2.8 time penalties from Holling broke the tie and left him in second place. Time penalties also put Amy Tryon and Le Samurai out of the top placings and Jan Bynny on Waterfront out of the top placings and made room for Becky Holder on Courageous Comet (44.7) to move up to third place with one of only four double clear rounds in the CIC-W***.

It was a sunny March day in the Carolina countryside but low temperatures kept spectators shivering. For the horses, the weather was ideal. The Mark Phillips-designed course proved a little fast for most of the horses, but it was softened up a little from last year and many jumped around clear, if slow.

Severson and Winsome Adante, are three-time winners of the Rolex Kentucky CCI**** and won Olympic silver together. They started the season with a run at Pine Top and two stops on cross-country made Severson reevaluate things a bit. They won the Advanced at Poplar Place and the big bay gelding, owned by Linda Wachtmeister's Plain Dealing Farm, seems to be back on form at The Fork.

"He needs more shows than most horses, more than you might think," said Severson. "I used to think I could do an intermediate and then an advanced and he'd be ready, but that doesn't work that well for him. He was very good today - not quite perfect, but right where I want him for now."  Winsome Adante will ship to England on Wednesday, and will stay there to compete in the Badminton CCI****, where Severson hopes that he will qualify for next year's Olympic Games in Hong Kong.

In the CIC*** Severson and Anne Wachtmeister's Tipperary Liadhan took the lead when overnight leader Bonnie Mosser and Merloch added 10.4 time penalties to their score, dropping to fourth place. Karen O'Connor and the diminutive Theodore O'Connor moved up to second and Canadian Penny Rowland and Windswept are in third. Not a single rider completed the course in the time allowed in this division.

Severson said that Tipperary Liadhan was originally ridden by Anne Wachtmeister, but when she was injured the gelding had some time off. Linda Wachtmeister's daughter, Lucia Strini, almost took the ride, but he was a fairly difficult young horse and Severson agreed, reluctantly, to take him on two years ago.

"He wasn't my type of horse and I didn't want him at all, but he's very dear to me now - he tried so hard," she said. "I told them at the time that he might make it to a two-star someday. He just does everything; he turned out to be a real prodigy."

In the Advanced horse trials, dressage Leigh Mesher and My Beau lost the lead when they had a stop on cross-country and Nathalie Bouckaert and Icarus added 14,4 time penalties, so John Williams and Sloopy moved into the lead followed by Buck Davidson on Private Treaty and Penny Rowland on Roundabout.

Rowland has had a stellar season, with wins double wins at Pine Top so with the Pan-Am Games firmly in her sights she is sure to keep the pressure on the leaders tomorrow in the show jumping arena.

The evening closed with a competitor's party, where The Fork Stables owner Jim Cogdell thanked the many sponsors and volunteers and encouraged everyone to donate funds to the NC State Veterinary School to match his challenge donation of $100,000, which will support a $400,000 facility to be constructed in Moore County, NC.

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