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Eventing News from Quebec
Knowlton, QC, Canada
by Ève-Line Marcil & Stéphanie Gervais
Translated by Tom Todaro
Pascale Vermette riding Knight in a Jag
September 2nd and 3rd was the weekend that Tandem Farm welcomed competitors from across the province to its first recognized event.

The eastern townships always leave visitors in awe at its luxurious surroundings. Further excitement is felt as one drives up to the farm. From the main road, one can observe the newly built jumps of the cross-country course. Tandem farm boasts its own private pond around which Hugh Moorsehead designed his course. The 80 participants in This first competition arrive in an enchanting installation which includes stabling, dressage rings, and newly built stadium jumps. As the competition starts with dressage, the backgrounds are the superb grounds. Judges and scribes face the lake under sunny skies. A while later, a large crowd assembles to watch show jumping. A few surprises for the horses as well as the riders - poles fall - perhaps

I must personally attest that the cross-country course felt like a dream to me. I've always wanted to canter through the trees. The plantation of pine trees perfectly aligned around the lake, standing on a bed of reddened pine needles completely enchanted me as well as several other riders. Let's not forget the organizers who welcomed us with huge smiles and an incredibly efficient organizing team - well done Josée Denis and Alain Cousineau.

Lets take a look at the Subway Cup! Quite a battle went on here. The senior training division has a tight race going. Anna Johansson leads the group with 28 points, followed closely by Ève-Line Marcil with 26 points and finally, Yves Landry not far behind with 24 points. In junior training, Erika Koczi riding Classic, has for all intensive purposes, clinched the lead. Another close race exists in senior pre-training. Patrick Leimgruber is slightly ahead of Sophie D'Auteuil - the lead diminishing after Sophie's good placing at this event. In junior pre-training, we can safely say that Mathilde Caron-Jacques will that division with 46 points at this time. Finally, in preliminary, Isabelle Landry holds the pole position with only 6 points ahead of Erika Koczi. Only one competition is left - Bromont Fall event - which incidentally will run starter this year as a results of the Quebec Equestrian Games. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion in a few weeks!

Other news includes North American Young Riders from Quebec. The experience gained from their participation will be described in a couple of interviews in the near future. Caitlin Wallace, Emily Daigneault and Erika Koczi returned from Lexington Virginia with new experience and renewed confidence in their passion for eventing. Regardless of the results in their first participation, the experience, the new contacts and friends, help create a team spirit to roll up their sleeves and continue to train for next year. Good job girls!

And what about the Sandridge Team Challenge? Changes in the ranking once again as we tabulate results - Manhattan #1 has now taken over the lead. They are followed by Turtle Hill's Angels with Robinson's Team #1 not far behind. A combination of good results and volunteer work on the part of Manhattan's team members helped their team make the jump to first place.

Note for Bromont's Fall Event on October 1st, 2006.

Due to the large number of requests from both trainers as well as competitors, the Bromont Olympic site will invite competitors to ride the starter course. With the addition of starter, pre-training, training as well as preliminary riders will have the opportunity to conclude the Quebec calendar with the amazing colours of the eastern townships. Thanks are issued to Gilles Brouillette from Manhattan Farms for lending his jumps to the Bromont site, as well as the participation of design from Georges Fauré coupled with Jay Hambly's talents. So there you have it - the final chance to increase your teams' points by participating or volunteering at the final show from Quebec Horse Trials in 2006.

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