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International Tetrathlon Exchange 2006
Cookstown, ON, Canada
by Amber Heintzberger
Roisin Eivers of Ireland on course at the Ontario Regional Tetrathlon
August 11, 2006, the international Pony Club tetrathlon exchange took place in the US and Canada. Teams representing both host countries as well as the United Kingdom and Ireland competed first at the US Championships East in Lexington, VA, then at a "Wild Man" competition in West Virginia. After a sightseeing trip to New York City they competed at the Ontario Regional tetrathlon in Cookstown, ON. Competitors were between the ages of 16 and 21, with at least a C-3 Pony Club rating. Tetrathlon consists of four phases: shooting, swimming, riding and running. It is a modified version of the Modern Pentathlon, which is an Olympic discipline that also includes fencing.

Event Results (PDF)

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