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BHS Welfare Department has called on all horse owners to help in the fight against Laminitis
Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England
Laminitis is a serious and very painful condition that can affect any type of horse, pony or donkey at any time and is particularly common at this time of year when spring grass is coming through.

Helen Owens, the BHS's Welfare Senior Executive, said: "Preventing Laminitis is always better than trying to manage it. Overweight animals are thought to be one of the groups at highest risk of developing Laminitis. Therefore a management regime which includes diet and weight control is essential."

Spring grass is often high in nutrients and grows rapidly. Therefore grazing may need to be restricted at this time. It is difficult for owners to estimate the volume of grass their horses ingest and, quite often, it is more than required which may result in bloating and weight problems. This in turn could increase the risk of the onset of Laminitis.

Prompt action may help reduce the severity of this painful condition. If owners suspect their horse, pony or donkey may be suffering with Laminitis, they should contact their veterinary surgeon immediately.

For a free advisory leaflet about the Prevention and Management of Laminitis, please send an SAE to the BHS Welfare Department or visit the BHS Website:

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