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Morven Park Spring Horse Trials
Leesburg, VA

March 30 - April 1, 2001

1st 43.2 Drizzle Phillip Dutton
2nd 44.6 House Doctor Phillip Dutton
3rd 47.4 Pathfinder Beale Morris
4th 52.1 Carrick John Williams
5th 57.5 Three Magic Beans Nina Fout
6th 70.6 Titleist Mark Weissbecker
7th 72.9 Saint Maybe Tremaine Cooper
8th 108.2 Rainman Becky Douglas
9th 138.1 Tenacity Allison Springer
10th 191.7 Grey Spirit II Christy Price


1st 53.2 Cayman Went Phillip Dutton
2nd 54.6 Crackenthorpe's Burma Star Jan Thompson
3rd 55.5 Highland Hogan Becky Douglas
4th 60.0 Arctic Heart Holly Hepp
5th 66.4 Loughnatousa Spring Michael Mendell
6th 80.3 As You Will Sara Kozumplik
7th 102.1 Ready About Sharon White
8th 105.4 Bert and I Pam Wiedemann
9th 105.4 Buzzby Heidi White
10th 113.3 Buehler Suzanne Andreotti
11th 119.11 Reggae Mon Vicki Baker
12th 162.5 Raffles Mimi Osborn
13th 191.7 Sir Nicholas Gayle Molander
1st 44.1 Hannigan Phillip Dutton
1st 44.1 Simply Red Phillip Dutton
3rd 53.2 Lester Piggott Holly Hepp
4th 57.7 Topspin Sarah Cousins
5th 58.7 Sky Sport Michelle Ingold
6th 63.1 Killian Sinead Halpin
7th 63.6 Zoe Gayle Molander
8th 69.8 Eveready Erick Dierks
9th 74.4 As You Like It Sara Kozumplik
10th 80.4 Always A Lady Virginia Jenkins
11th 83.0 Victor Bonnie Mosser
12th 89.0 Jack Be Nimble David O'Connor

(Combined Tests, cross country canceled due to weather)
1st 28.0 Prince Panache Karen O'Connor
2nd 28.5 Anderoo Linden Wiesman
3rd 30.0 Janraffole Phillip Dutton
4th 33.5 Northern Spy Heidi White
5th 34.5 Task Force Jan Thompson
6th 39.0 Agent Cooper Karin Burchianti
7th 39.5 Gettysburg Leigh Anne DeAngelis
8th 41.0 Speedracer Bonnie Mosser
9th 42.0 Gorta Glen Elizabeth Iorio
10th 42.5 Summer Games Allison Springer


1st 26.0 Kittengala Kim Vinoski
2nd 35.0 Solo Flight Mark Weissbecker
3rd 35.5 Guinness Rebekah Simmons
4th 36.25 Cape Town Clark Montgomery
5th 44.5 Halls Harbour Juliet Graham
6th 45.0 Tiger Lilly Susan Tuckerman
7th 47.0 Resolute Jennifer Libby
8th 47.5 Marksman Jennifer Simmons
9th 47.75 Lady Sousa Ian Dillman
10th 48.5 Show of Heart Adrienne Iorio-Borden


1st 30.0 Horton Who Phillip Dutton
2nd 32.5 Dusky Moon Phillip Dutton
3rd 33.0 Chobalt Kim Morani
3rd 33.0 Heyerdahl Fanny Lee
5th 35.0 FROM Katja Diehl
6th 35.5 Von Otto Sean Brescia
7th 36.5 What The Heck Amy DeWind
8th 38.5 Ringwood Ventura Clark Montgomery
9th 43.5 Amazon Louise Meryman
9th 43.5 True Blue Girdwood Colby Saddington

(Combined Test, cross country canceled due to weather)

1st 51.3 Sloopy John Williams
2nd 51.6 Jenga Bonnie Mosser
3rd 52.7 Adrenaline Rush Shannon Ewing
4th 53.0 Mr. Mistoffeles Jodi Platto
5th 53.7 Cameo Phillip Dutton (AUS)
6th 58.5 Paddy Paparazzi Elizabeth Iorio
7th 58.7 Better I Do It Diann Steinrotter
8th 58.8 Enniskerry Imp Phyllis Dawson
9th 60.2 Wild Rose Sharon White
10th 65.6 Rusheen Warrior Kristin Schmolze


1st 56.4 High-Tech Natalie Compton
2nd 57.8 Joe Cool Allison Wood (CAN)
3rd 60.0 Rumormonger Anne Chapin
4th 60.9 Carlingford Sky Courtney Cooper
5th 60.7 Jumbarlara Gayle Molander
6th 61.8 Big Wave Dave Rebecca Howard (CAN)
7th 62.3 Raw Deal Caroline Dowd
8th 62.4 Rio Bravo Mindy Thompson
9th 62.9 Leaps and Bounds Jennifer Carter
10th 63.3 Greystone V Nadeem Noon (PAK)


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