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Grandview Horse Trials
Hawkestone, Ontario
May 15 & 16, 1999
Entry A
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Ebony & Ivory Sarah Jayne Benedict
2= Sun's Illusion Kim Robertson
2= Chelsea's High Hope Tara Kelly
4 Play To Win Colin Campbell
5 Flying Trapeze Rachael Doll
6 Boots Brittany Beard
7 Beaverwood's Brown-eyed Girl Hilary Wong-Reiger
8 Top Secret Ashley Brown
Entry B
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Aire Jorden Katie Thornton
2 Shoeless Joe Kristen Handy
3 Stonehedge Lovelight Stephanie Meyer
4 Skye Masterson Laura Harding
5 Encounter Ellen Bastedo
6 D.W. Morgan Levison
7 Cracker Jack Jake Jennifer Arnold
8 Sherlock Winnie Stott
Entry C
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Pure Class Caitlen Monan
2 Notorious Adam Stapley
3 The Trojan Horse Lauren Thompson
4= Hercules Stephanie Witherspoon
4= Painterly Sandra Andresen
6 Sierra Caroline Godson
7 Rosser Kait Pinder
8 I'm A Dazzler Hedwige Moss
 Pre-Training A
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Trusca Lisa Courtney
2 Magic Creations Jen Zelmer
3 Disraeli Kelly Connes
4 Golddigger Anne Lisa Courtney
5 Clever Detective Susan Carr
6 King Michael Melodie Ceci
7 Piece Of The Puzzle Jennifer Zelmer
8 Minor Detail Sandra Charlesbois
Pre-Taining B 
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Stateside Peggy Hambly
2 Magniglow Maghan Pomeroy
3 Hazel Jeannie Hooper
4 Hakuna Matatta Garry Roque
5 Get Rowdy Michelle Woodley
6 Secret Spirit Alison Allan
7 Inquisitive Angela Mercer
8 Kalahari Leisel Walters
 Pre-Training Jr.
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Calypso Clay Chelsea Dell
2 Alley McBeal Ashley Knight
3 Rated R Carolyn Scime
4 Falkenfels Katie Evans
5 Westwood Tori Pengelly
6 Artist's Impression Bonnie Burlton
7 Draftmission Cally Ashby
8 Easy Paces Crystal Foubert
Pre-Training Novice 
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Guinness Kathleen Head
2 Belgian Piper Kevin Armstrong
3 Nabask Karen Barclay
4 Ragtime Glynis Newman
 Training Open
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Leading Lady Martha Griggs
2 Doogarey Judy Hodgkinson
3 Al Capone Garry Roque
4 Tully Mars Joanne Macartney
5 Barney Rubble Bill Whitehead
6 Na Poli Tosha Pascoe
7 Castello Ann Thompson
8 Rhymer Kristal Chopp
Training YR 
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Partner In Crime Elizabeth Sutton
2 Archangel Melissa Madill
3 Ashton Agincourt Beth Baker
4 Moonstruck Mo Von Roeder
5 Minlation Diana Burnett
6 Starman Katie Harris
7 Renaissance Man Sarah Mersereau
8 Flying Squirrel Dara Chappell
 Training Sr.
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Azarius Margaret Godson
2 McCloud Dick Bayly
3 Jack Of Hearts Brian Vicars
4 Ain't Misbehavin' Edie Tarves
5 Eau De Vie Bill Whitehead
6 Notorious Tracey Stapley
7 Bravado Kelly Poland
8 Catapult Nancie Evans
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Lets Boogie Jessie Ferguson
2 Dream Shadow De Beaupre Eric Ferrier
3 The Bentley Stephanie Brown
4 The Skyes The Limit Tausha Michaud
5 Northern Kid Wendy Southam
6 Above The Clouds Garry Roque
7 Shapiro Brandon McMechan
8 Amabile Ian Trail
 Preliminary Young Riders
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Let's Boogie Jessie Ferguson
2 The Bentley Stephanie Brown
3 The Skyes The Limit Tausha Michaud
4 Shapiro Brandon McMechan
5 Silencio Arthur Blouin
6 T'Jean Jacquie Sturm
7 Dare To Compare Collen Loach
8 Mad About You Leslie Abernethy
Open Intermediate 
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Aberdare Penny Rowland
2 Killcarrick Lynda Ward-Dragich
3 Fool's Play Claire Magee
4 Noble Page James Rudolph
5 Daquiri Martha Griggs
6 Psalm XXII Paul Delbrook
7 Solar Challenge Michelle Running
8 Just Will Peter Barry
 Open Intermediate Young Riders
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Solar Challenge Michelle Running
2 Be Bold Juliet Selena O'Hanlon
3 Tyson Diana Burnett
4 Phil Cool Jacqueline Naugler
5 Wiede Meredith Worboy
6 Razzmazzjazz Geoff Thomson
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