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Equus 3D Combined Test
Orangeville, ON
June 8, 2003

(left) Andrea Taylor riding McHale

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All Photos by Christina Handley Photography

Rider Horse
1 Penny Rowland R'Cameo 35.5
2 Jennifer Irwin Donovan 36.75
3 Marg Patterson Rocky 42
4 Ryan Goss Touch the Crowd 53.6
Dressage Only
Pl. Rider Horse Score
Carolyn Godson Inky
Joanne Kell-Glerum Chrislyn Servus
Pl. Rider Horse Score
1 Jennifer Irwin News Flash 84.45
Sandy Webster Schroeder (dressage only)
Pl. Rider Horse Score
1 Ryan Goss Without A Trace 36.55
2 Julia Pyper Just Henry 42
3 Ruthy Armstrong Hello Amour 44.85
4 Penny Rowland Eric 'K' 46.5
5 Ursula Selby Kip 47.05
6 Kim Sachau Rapid Transit 48.8
7 Gen Beaudoin Northern Sky 59.3
8 Caitlin Evans Jimini Cricket 55.7
9 Chris Leschied Broad Daylight 59.3
10 Ursula Selby Moose 63.7
Deb McGorran Royal Ruckus
Joanne Kell-Glerum Chrislyn Servus(dressage only)
Pl. Rider Horse Score
1 Daelin Verkindt Island Prince 32.4
2 Katelyn Britton-Honeyman n'Thabiseng 35
3 Danielle Pearson Beau 36
4 Allison Poel Rifdopia April 37
5 Kelly Poland Graceful Spirit 37.6
6 Lindsay McClasin Wapiti's Legend 38.9
7 Liz DeLand What A Sassy Boy 39
8 Barbara Downer Victoria's Song 39.5
9 Kate Chiswell Diesel 43.4
10 Rainee Stoddart Roman Free 43.9
11 Julie Byers Wouldja Believe It 44.55
12 Louise Kennedy Schroeder 47.8
13 Jamie Chandler Cool Man 48.5
14 Sharon Uchikata Bold Endeavours 51.6
15 Louise Jarvie Mistral 52
16 Andrea Taylor McHale 52.8
17 Sarah Demajo Fraffle Rock 54.5
18 Sarah Fairlie Polo 62.7
19 Crystal Surdts Equus Sunshine 101.5
Jamie Sue Horsely Titan
Rebecca Hodges Lyrical Revue'
Anina McSorely Jack 'B; Nimble II
HC Kelly Poland (2nd round) Graceful Spirit
Show Jumping Only
Pl. Rider Horse Score
Kelly Poland Graceful Spirit
Becky Moore Wuzn't Me
Senior Entry
Pl. Rider Horse Score
1 Steve Sampson Regal Lee 39
2 Rachel Smallbone Lt. Lumpy 42
3 Helen Marttinen Mistral 42.8
4 Julia Fear Colby 47.8
5 Linda Wisner Lincoln 60.6
6 Brendon Laing Flash 61.2
7 Leslie Young MacKenzie 79.5
Fiona Reynolds Adonis
Valerie Smith Zack
Aletia Reilingh Lente
Angela Sills Taylor
Kim Walker Class Act
Kristen Reid Sam-I-Am
Jennifer Irwin About Time
Linda Plank Skylar
HC Linda Hasmatali (HC) Ben
HC Margaret Godson Ski in the Moon
Show Jumping Only
Pl. Rider Horse Score
Erika Matthews Penny's From Heaven X (second round)
Dressage Only
Pl. Rider Horse Score
Sarah Naudts Rickard's Red 38.4
Junior Entry
Pl. Rider Horse Score
1 A. VanPaassen Iverness 27
2 Sean Mitchell Cocoa 34
3 Alex Reid Johnny 'B' Good 43
4 Ashley Cameron Rumpshaker 45
5 R. McDonough Ice Tea 46
6 Loren Jackson Equus Henry 47
7 Gillian Malejka Marty 49
8 Natalie Coyle 3's A Charm 53
9 Deanna Simone Tags Super Bear 63
10 Michelle Smith Formal Attire 72
Liz Hawley Furie
Nora Strunk Pearls of Wisdom
Tyler Edwards Ace
Erika Matthews Penny's From Heaven
Erin Blaney Shadow Dancer
Pl. Rider Horse Score
1 Gabi Kraushaar Catch Me If You Can 28
2 Dylan McPhail Helmut 29.4
3 Natasha Nadon Nikilodeon 30
4 Liz  DeLand Flirting With Danger 30
5 Katelyn Minaker Sierra 38
6 Veronique St. Maurice Aberdeen 40
7 Kayla Smith Equus Sugar 43
8 Rebecca Rebus Santana 50
9 Ali Kraushaar Magic Creations 66
Amelia Pendleton Equus Sugar 66
Ryan Kerr Equus Shadow
Renata Brandys Nimbus
Brooke Stoddart Teddy Bear
Dressage Only
Pl. Rider Horse Score
Maraget Godson Ski in the Moon X
Joyce Camerson Parker's Diamond Var X
Walk & Trot
Pl. Rider Horse Score
1 Heather Murray Mr.Potatohead 28
2 Amber Gallant Equus Henry 31.5
3 Calli Naish  (Combined) Mia Maya
4 Cathy Templeton Adagio
Mona Vanderveen Zack
Brooke Stoddart Teddy Bear
Pl. Rider Horse Score
Calli Naish Mia Maya
1 Tyler Edwards Ace 90
Joyce Cameron Parker's Diamond Bar

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