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The Todd Sandler Challenge
Bromont, Quebec
June 10-13, 1999


Open Intermediate Horse Trials
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Hannigan Abigail Lufkin
2 Doubly Courgeous Peter Green
3 Casablanca Meredith Morray
4 Speed Axcel Denny Emerson
5 That'll Do Denise Rath
6 leaps And Bounds Jennifer Carter
7 Beaverbrook John Bourgoin
8 Ashdale Count Graeme Thom
9 Kirby Lee Baisley Brown
10 Brian Boru Joanie Morris
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Goode Guess Therese Washtock
2 Man Of The Manor Bruce Davidson Sr.
3 Le Cirque Lizzy Aksten
4 Puck Brita Gaffey
5 Radiant Soldier Polly Merrill
6 Rideau Ridge Kyle Carter
7 Shrapnel Jennifer Dicke
8 Vicious Rumor Jennifer Dicke
9 Amabile Ian M. Trail
10 Vertical Velocity Tim Wait
11 Above The Clouds Garry Roque
12 Dream Shadow de Beaupre Eric Ferrier
13 Dare To Compare Colleen Loach
14 Titleist Mark Weissbecker
15 Topspin Karen McCollom
16 Chestnut Lady Jenny Boughen
17 Riverdance Lellie Ward
18 Dexter Maximus Mari Okamoto
19 Khalify Lellie Ward
20 Razamataz Megan Hansen
21 Mata Riki Kelly Plitz
22 Gold Stick Sarah Cousins
23 5th Ave Dean Nicipher
Pl. Horse Rider
1 RG Renegade Darren Chiacha
2 Steel Futures Bruce Davidson Sr.
3 Prize Fight Beale Wright Morris
4 Lord Peter Josh Walther
5 Starman Jonathan Elliott
6 Ballymist Bruce Davidson Sr.
7 Eastern Shore Beale Wright Morris
8 Mystic Mike Bruce Davidson Jr.
9 Focus IV Vail Dixon
10 Frosted Crystal Nina Fout
11 Brimstone Darrah L. Alexander
12 Our Staple Bruce Davidson Jr.
13 Vaquero Momi K. Akely
14 Bromont's Candidate Weej Mudge
15 Tokyo Pia Thomas

CET Pan Am Games Selection Trial (Combined Event)
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Kilkenny Kelli McMullen-Temple
2 Calling All Cars Tricia Dahms
3 Larissa Bruce Mandeville
4 Brady Suzy Pettman
5 Shermatic Ian Roberts
6 Aristotle Therese Washstock
7 Gamin Yves Landry
8 Scotia Gold Rush Kyle Carter
9 Killcarrick Lynda Ward-Dragich
10 Revisionist James Atkinson
11= Kalleedden Jodi Orth
11= Power Surge Jennifer Irwin
13 Balou Sonya Crampton

Special thanks to Ann Morgan  for  provided me with the official Bromont results after five other people
including the organizers failed to send me the requested information.


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