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Abertnant Horse Trials
Stayner, Ontario
August 8, 1999

 1 Jedi                         Shelly Mayhew
 2 Marmara                      Kirstie Freitag
 3 Falkenfels                   Katie Evans
 4 Schroeder                    Sandy Webster
 5 Paint Me Gold                Amanda Beard
 6 Love Me Tender               Marie Pier Caron
 7 Green Penny                  Susan Edwards
 8 Tingle Tskeeter              Jesse Llop
 9 For Keeps                    Teresa Bush
10 Gazelle                      Elisabeth Seigneur


 1 Tully Mars                   Joanne Macartney
 2 Rooster                      Chrissy Hary
 3 Swing Time                   Nicole Parkin
 4 Eau de Vie                   Bill Whitehead
 5 Starman                      Katie Harris
 6 Snappy                       Lesley Grant
 7 Mangold                      Stephanie St. Pierre
 8 Northern Kid                 Wendy Southam
 9 T'Jean                       Jacquie Sturm
10 Jack of Hearts               Courtney Olmstead


 1 Digby                        Paul Delbrook
 2 Total Tab                    Michelle Carruthers
 3 Dawn Treader                 Sue Moessner
 4 The Tracker                  Paul Delbrook
 5 Gator                        Kelly Plitz	
 6 Just Will                    Peter Barry
 7 Lucas                        Jane Patterson
 8 Cowboy Charm                 Angela Shaw
 9 Lord Willow                  Ann Morgan
10 Arrow                        Graeme Thom


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